Look at your eyes! - Wilson's Disease


FrustratedGuest: The only people that think this is delusional, are those that do not have it. I woke one day 3 years ago with 23 'bites' on my legs. After being treated for scabies & lice, checked for bedbugs etc...with 12,000 people complaining~Somebody HELP US! Jul 26, 2014 21:52:31 GMT -5
hownow browncow : How do you know they were bites, because they look like bites, the bug thing is delusions, or doctors would see them, are you telling me doctors are blind as well as stupid, if they are blind how did they read there exams? Jul 27, 2014 0:15:44 GMT -5
hownow browncow : The more interesting question would be, how do doctors pass those exams. If you would imagine I do not have this disease what would you base your intelligence on, five bug bite looking spots, 6, 19. Jul 27, 2014 0:17:47 GMT -5
hownow browncow : Have you ever heard of Morgellons, that rash you had, imagine its a disease rash, part of the hidden ugly associated with being INFECTED with a DISEASE. Have you ever heard of a dermatologist, I will not say they are worth anything, but they treat Jul 27, 2014 0:20:08 GMT -5
hownow browncow : SKIN ISSUES, not bug issues, still parasitic invasion is quite common, DEMODEX are VERY common, but they just are not this disease, you do not get a gold star. If the kind of itching I had was caused by a parasite I would have no body left Jul 27, 2014 0:25:59 GMT -5
hownow browncow : Don't be frustrated, get some fertile chicken eggs, grind a hole in them and put a drop of blood in the embryo, I guaranty results, I think you will find that this monster can live in any warm blooded animal. Its simple, incubator, fertile chicken eggs. Jul 27, 2014 0:30:28 GMT -5
hownow browncow : I know too busy shooing the bugs away. I had a Jehovah Witness come to the door today she had a few little tiny flys after her, she kept swatting at them, I asked her please do me a favor, stop bothering my flys they were trying to get something to eat, Jul 27, 2014 0:34:58 GMT -5
hownow browncow : I know your in pain and disgusted, the bug idea is getting us NO WHERE except to the bug house, the funny farm, the loony bin, the rubber room, the bug factory, nut house, mad house. Credibility is nil when you say bug Jul 27, 2014 0:46:29 GMT -5
hownow browncow : Hope you will fell better soon. Jul 27, 2014 0:47:08 GMT -5
hownow browncow : feal Jul 27, 2014 0:47:16 GMT -5
hownow browncow: feel Jul 27, 2014 11:41:05 GMT -5
hownow browncow: LOL Jul 27, 2014 11:41:11 GMT -5
hownow browncow: mental confusion, Jul 27, 2014 11:43:18 GMT -5
Kitty2014: WhatsamattaU, why do you have to resort to sarcasm to ones' who are in the same rocky boat as you? I thought you were a troll! I can understand that after 42 yrs, you're probably real pi$$ed, but really, it doesn't help our cause! Don't get me wrong, Jul 28, 2014 0:36:44 GMT -5
Kitty2014: humour is the most precious thing we have left, I s'pose and as futile as you think it is, I will always challenge anyone who thinks we are not speakin' the truth! I don't even understand why they come on here, as this is a Morgie community, is it not!? Jul 28, 2014 0:44:50 GMT -5
Kitty2014: Anyway, I kinda like your style, now I know you're a sufferer! I'm sorry life and the to$$ers' who ridicule us have reduced you to your almost hostile sarcasm! By the way, I don't presume I'm special, with my own disease, just defensive of what I've got! Jul 28, 2014 0:50:16 GMT -5
Kitty2014: Lol!!! Incidentally, got some interesting pics, but none of the little 8astard fibres or whatever they are! I've seen a couple poke out of my pores, but rather than get my camera out, I just panic and try to get 'em to go back in! Lol not! ;) Jul 28, 2014 0:53:17 GMT -5
Kitty2014: FrustratedGuest, I feel your pain! If you want somethin' that may be of help, with an alternative answer, look at: http://livingwithmorgellons.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/what-morgellons-does-to-a-life/ I've found it helpful, see Binky's posts esp! :) Jul 28, 2014 0:58:54 GMT -5
Kitty2014: WhatsamattaU, I must apologise, it was Hownow browncow being almost hostile and accusing one of feelin' special! I am truly sorry!!! It's this box, gets confusin'! Wish we had a full page! Lol! :) Jul 28, 2014 1:10:06 GMT -5
Kitty2014: Hownow browncow, hope you're feelin' much better yourself! Don't forget, we're the good guys!!! Peace and mental confusion! Lol! ;) Jul 28, 2014 1:12:39 GMT -5
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