Mold exposure, Lyme, Biotoxins, MARCoNS, Sinuses


Baraka Obam: I was looking for a site still open that you could sign up, I am sure there are others but do not have a reason to go there, too many can only imagine bugs are itching, disease symptoms are multiple disease's Jul 3, 2014 21:11:29 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Where do you hail from ducky, LOL are you English? Jul 3, 2014 21:12:56 GMT -5
Kitty 2014: Just reading back, Baraka - sorry if I've scared you off! Lol! Thought you wanted to know where I'm at, that's why I gave a list! Well, I am a woman! ;O Jul 3, 2014 22:43:14 GMT -5
Kitty 2014: Sorry about that! Thought you hadn't responded so went on f/b! Came back and updated and still nothing but now you've just popped up! Lol! Thanks for that!!! Yes, chicken, I'm English! Just goin' to register on that site, thanks again! Much appreciated! ;) Jul 3, 2014 22:56:18 GMT -5
Kitty 2014: Catch ya here another time, chicken, back to this shout box again! ;( Jul 4, 2014 0:07:48 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: chicken, I am certainly no chicken, LOL, listen up everyone Baraka Obam just learned something, DUCKY is a English slang term of endearment for a MAN. So sorry Kitty LOL. wow, today marks 232 years to make subjects out of what was once citizens Jul 4, 2014 19:03:16 GMT -5 *
itchin4 : Jul 5, 2014 0:37:19 GMT -5
itchin4answers: I thought I was signed in lol I will repost the link for the Morgellons support groups on Facebook. These groups are LOCKED Jul 5, 2014 0:40:08 GMT -5 *
itchin4answers: Duck, a hypocorism or affectionate phrase, often used in parts of the Midlands and South Yorkshire in England, originally derived from the title Duke. Jul 5, 2014 3:51:23 GMT -5
itchin4answers: A hypocorism (/haɪˈpɒkərɪzəm/; from Greek ὑποκορίζεσθαι hypokorizesthai, "to use child-talk"[1]) is a shorter or diminutive form of a word or given name, for example, when used in more intimate situations as a nickname or term of endearment. Also known as Jul 5, 2014 3:51:54 GMT -5
itchin4answers: pet name or calling name. However, shortening of names is certainly not exclusive to terms of affection; indeed, in many cases, a shortened name can also be used to intimidate or humiliate. The ambiguity would need to be clarified by context. Jul 5, 2014 3:52:36 GMT -5
itchin4answers: BO my Dad called me "chuck" LOL! [br]chuck[br]3 [chuhk] Show IPA [br][br]verb (used with object), verb (used without object) [br]1. [br]to cluck. [br][br]noun [br]2. [br]a clucking sound. [br][br]3. [br]Archaic. (used as a term of endearment): my love, my chuck. [br][br][br]--------------------- Jul 5, 2014 3:53:56 GMT -5
itchin4answers: "The American's guide to speaking British" :P Jul 5, 2014 3:55:09 GMT -5 *
Baraka Obam: So Chuck, how is your day going. Jul 6, 2014 8:02:14 GMT -5
David Rockefeller: Good day, gentlemen. Lovely weather we're having. The clouds are beautiful, aren't they? Jul 6, 2014 12:22:52 GMT -5
Illmatisch: The gloves come undone, while im staring at the sun Jul 6, 2014 20:55:45 GMT -5
itchin4answers: Not too bad thanks BO and yourself, well I hope. Jul 7, 2014 3:47:36 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: I am pretty good, the illness will not deter my work, and my travel, the travel, eating well, natural, being without a car is a big boost. We should have a commune to defeat this filthy disease, or at least to keep healthy. Jul 7, 2014 23:52:41 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: People are more interested in phones than life, I feel so sorry for young people today, they have no life or personality. I am a phoney. Jul 7, 2014 23:54:21 GMT -5
nazwa: :) If we had a commune I'd be right there! Jul 8, 2014 0:37:30 GMT -5
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