Wi Fi and Cell towers OMG ??!!


ChasSansc2: Is anybody there? May 18, 2019 21:32:09 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: Alrighty then, I'm going to post anyway and hopefully someone can read it later. May 18, 2019 21:32:57 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: Years ago I had a problem with parasites in my body, caused by "Gu(poison)" given to me by my ex-girlfriend as a "Love Potion" (she was Korean-Japanese mix). May 18, 2019 21:35:48 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: Gu (poison) is a nasty thing, so nasty that in ancient China they killed entire families of people by beheading who practiced it. May 18, 2019 21:37:02 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: I learned way more than I ever wanted to about parasites from this, including one that goes by the peculiar name of the "Devil's Tail." May 18, 2019 21:38:05 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: Which I had one of, internally. May 18, 2019 21:38:25 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: The only reference I found concerning this parasite was one Web Site (because I did not know the medical Latin term for it - I still don't.) May 18, 2019 21:39:20 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: The only Web page that you can find that story now, minus the pictures (I downloaded and saved the pictures from the original site) is here: natureshealthdiva.blogspot.com/2009/11/parasites-sufferers-diary-one-of-my-fav.html May 18, 2019 21:45:07 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: This story is a little different than the original one I read, where the writer described a test you can perform on your clothing. It consisted of wetting the clothing, placing it in a microwave until hot to the touch, then placing the clothing May 18, 2019 21:49:28 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: (using tongs) into cold water with lemon juice in it. Wring them out afterwards above the cold water, and look for very small "tiny black rice" looking things at the bottom. May 18, 2019 21:50:48 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: I did, and I saw, and I was in shock. From that point on I added 1 cup of LEMON JUICE to every load of laundry I did. After doing this, I noticed that my clothes actually felt lighter before putting them in the dryer. May 18, 2019 21:52:07 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: What does this all mean? I would suggest that anyone who has Morgellon to add 1 cup of LEMON JUICE to every load of laundry they do, start drinking lemon water and maybe even start taking baths with at least 2 cups of LEMON JUICE in it. May 18, 2019 21:54:45 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: I used straight LEMON JUICE on my body, as well as Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. A word of caution, LEMON JUICE on the face can feel like Mace (it burns), so, you may want to dilute it before applying the LEMON JUICE soaked wash cloth. May 18, 2019 21:57:23 GMT -5
ChasSansc2: Great - this won't let me scroll back up - STUPID. May 18, 2019 22:00:11 GMT -5
DM: nbprotocol.proboards.com/thread/4/morgellons-disease May 19, 2019 5:44:35 GMT -5
hi: hi Jun 5, 2019 5:54:27 GMT -5
hi: how Jun 5, 2019 5:54:38 GMT -5
hi: can publish books Jun 5, 2019 5:54:49 GMT -5
poi.k,hjmv: I applied to this forum 2017 and still not approved why not tell them they are not approved??? you must enjoy seeing peoplesufferandleftfordead RUDE Jun 25, 2019 22:03:42 GMT -5
prson who agrees w poi.k,hjmv:: LOL @ poi.k,hjmv. . . so far same here. but hopefully not for TOO long ::) :-S Aug 12, 2019 3:35:04 GMT -5
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