TWO MOONS... August 27th


Alexia: Obam, I'm not the only person to swear on the internet, and I'm probably not the first person to ses through your crap. It's obvious that you're "Jim Daddy" and "Jim Dandy" as well. At least keep your fake names consistent ;) Mar 31, 2015 9:59:11 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: You are the first one to grasp the sticker A/H and stick it on your forhead though, who are you? Mar 31, 2015 10:01:01 GMT -5
Alexia: Lol, give it a rest. Your ignorance is showing ;) Mar 31, 2015 10:01:28 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: You are Jim Daddy, why are you yelling at me then if your calling yourself names and sticking the idiot sticker on your forehead Mar 31, 2015 10:02:16 GMT -5
Alexia: As we made clear the other night, you forgot to log back into your Obam account, and still had the Jim Daddy name and answered as if you were Obam. Mar 31, 2015 10:03:15 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Oh I did, can you refresh my mind Mar 31, 2015 10:04:05 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Have a very nice day now Mar 31, 2015 10:07:14 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: People lack sense these days, because they assume guilt they find guilt, my god I would hate to be on trial for my life with idiots like this around, Their PROOF is innuendo, that's it, the use the same foolishness to imagine this disease, I KNOW fools Mar 31, 2015 13:00:08 GMT -5
Alexia: Lol, it's painfully obvious that you're Jim Daddy. But anyway. If you think everyone here are fools, why are you constantly here? You say everyone has a mental issue, so why even bother talking to people here? Mar 31, 2015 13:50:31 GMT -5
Alexia: And like I said, you answered "Jim Daddy" the other night thinking you were logged in as Obam. You said "Don't mind them, Jim Daddy" while your shoutout name was Jim Daddy. You're fooling no one. Mar 31, 2015 13:53:49 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Oh hello, No I don't think everyone is a fool, but your high on that list Marys troll, nobodys here but you and me cry doodle, The illustrious Baraka Obam, Jim Daddy Obam supposed MINI ME) and the cursing many headed fool trolls of Fibroid Mary, Mar 31, 2015 17:54:02 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: We can start a little family, after all me and Jim Daddy have five crazy trolls to pick from, come back Jim Daddy, you know, after all the abuse I have taken from women with wayward minds I want to welcome Jim Daddy, Mar 31, 2015 17:56:59 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Think I will post another thread showing connection of itching and the brain issues, I feel a song coming on, OOOOHH, lord its hard to be humble when your perfect in every way, I can't wait to look in the mirror, cause I get better lookin each day Mar 31, 2015 18:00:00 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: To Know me is to love me, I must be a hellava man, O lord its hard to be humble but I'm doing the best that I can. Mar 31, 2015 18:01:03 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: Hey BO.. kudos on the intense itching post.. I feel the same about corrupt BIG PHARMA.. So is Alexia correct in her assumption that you are Jim Dandy?? WTH?? you were quite the jerk the other nite if this is true... and why would you be trolling me?? Mar 31, 2015 21:23:26 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: and her and I are two different individuals.. altho I do feel a sort of kindred soul connection with her.. but still we're 2 different people.. honest.. I do not troll & Fibroid Mary is the only name I've used on the morg boards.. Mar 31, 2015 21:26:30 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: believe what you want tho.. as it seems the whole world is confused about one thing or another these days.. myself included.. I'm confused as to WHAT THE HELL is going one with the world these days.. LOL.. very weird stuff indeed.. Mar 31, 2015 21:29:28 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: BTW.. found a really good series on Netflix last night.. was just added.. I guess it aired on AMC last year.. but I don't have satellite nor cable TV.. anyways it's called "Turn".. & it's about the spies of the Revolutionary War.. I watched 5 hrs last nite Mar 31, 2015 21:34:46 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: there isn't much TV that I enjoy watching anymore, but this series was well made and worth a gander.. I hope it gets renewed for another season. I think you'd like it, everyone is lying, spying & conniving & turncoats everywhere.. prolly Y it's called TURN Mar 31, 2015 21:41:41 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: nite everyone.. and play nice.. Mar 31, 2015 21:46:31 GMT -5
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