MITES and more mites video'ed


Satsuki: Yeah if they think your Undercover ....they wont take kindly to your kind Jul 6, 2015 23:01:20 GMT -5
Satsuki: Ive noticed that drinking beer brings out skin problems as well.....wonder what it is Jul 6, 2015 23:01:53 GMT -5
Satsuki: yeah grain alcohol is rough. Im not even sure what this is. The flavoring masks any foulness. All natural flavors too. Always hated sour-mash whiskeys. Dont really care for jack and jim either...bunch of jerks if you ask me Jul 6, 2015 23:03:20 GMT -5
Satsuki: jerks= @$$H0les Jul 6, 2015 23:03:40 GMT -5
Satsuki: im gonna pack some dip and spit while im at for some jibb mr obam? Jul 6, 2015 23:05:51 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Well I gotta story about everything, when I was a dirty old biker living to ride, I used to be a fan of Red Man and I had a big black beard and a cute little blond with freckles, well one day I kiss her and I am noticing she is getting more freckles Jul 7, 2015 0:36:23 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Just though she was getting even more cute, well, I give her another kiss one day and it was quite evident it wasn't freckles at all, anyway, she was lost in love and did not care, I was her uncouth barbarian. Jul 7, 2015 0:39:38 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: she was a good woman, ready for anything at any time, want to go to Utah, dam near 2000 miles on a motorcycle, when, in the morning, sure, but she got old, 26 and wanted to be a mother and stuff, she got all she wanted, kinda. Jul 7, 2015 0:40:30 GMT -5 *
Baraka Obam: Good shine is not all super high test, some is just right and corn liquor is smooth and has that nice sweet corn flavor, does not burn the hell out of you 120 = 140 proof its definitely not for guzzling, its for sipping. Jul 7, 2015 0:55:24 GMT -5
Thors Hammer: Looks like the gang is all in, LOL, you's guys is funny, oh no, they are gone, I will miss them horribly, LOL, Jul 7, 2015 8:57:10 GMT -5
Cheral: I have terrible itching all over me is there anyone here what can I do for this itching it will not stop. Jul 7, 2015 21:28:39 GMT -5
Cheral: I tried to join this site before but was not sent a email. Jul 7, 2015 21:29:27 GMT -5
Cheral: is there something I did not do right Jul 7, 2015 21:29:54 GMT -5
Cheral: anyone here Jul 7, 2015 21:30:18 GMT -5
riley: hi i was wondering if anyone with lyme also has bartonella? Jul 7, 2015 23:22:49 GMT -5
Satsuki: @cheral...Yes i feel what you are going thru and i know it sucks. I run a lil bit of water in a bath and add a good bit of vinegar. Rub it in real good...use tea tree oil or cocoa butter soap of some sort. Get some Dandruff shampoo...helps some. Jul 7, 2015 23:44:24 GMT -5
Satsuki: Soem people say pool salts from wal mart or something like that. Never tried em. Get some sunlight and eat better and excersize...helps me some. Nothing ever gets rid of kinda goes awaya a bit tho after a while...but not entirely Jul 7, 2015 23:45:33 GMT -5
Satsuki: @baraka... This female you are speaking of ...did she come down with this disease Obam? Do you still talk or see her? Jul 7, 2015 23:46:58 GMT -5
Satsuki: sis just brought me home some Lemon Wheat grass ale from a local brewery in virginia...cant wait to pop one open and give it a try....not tonite tho....not in the mood for a few drinks... Jul 7, 2015 23:47:57 GMT -5
threader420: @riley: got a blood draw for bartonella test this week, awaiting results Jul 8, 2015 0:53:55 GMT -5
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