Particle physics


Flossy: Do not overuse Albendazole. More is not better, or a quicker cure. More is dangerous and can make your hair fall out. Nov 20, 2017 3:05:09 GMT -5
Christie: I was bitten by a Lone Star tick which I have developed an alpha-gal allergy. The Lone Star tick cause's people to develop an allergy to red meat, including beef, pork lamb anything with four legs. I have had the blood test to make sure of this. Nov 20, 2017 9:50:43 GMT -5
Christie: My question is, is can this be a reason for the "M" that I now think I have? Nov 20, 2017 9:51:37 GMT -5
Christie: The testing was done 2 years ago. I also am eating red meat again. I did introduce back to my body slowly. I was fine for about 8 months.Now this....Thanks in advance for your help. Nov 20, 2017 9:54:55 GMT -5
IAMSENDINGOUTASOS: Is there a active forum November 2017? Nov 21, 2017 19:25:11 GMT -5
kl;': hi Nov 25, 2017 19:00:16 GMT -5
Carla123: :) Dec 5, 2017 21:09:16 GMT -5 Hey Carla, are you the Carla from the UK? Dec 14, 2017 0:51:25 GMT -5
Virginie: I have used the essential oil protocol with variations for over a year, possibly two years now. I have at various times used 5, 6 and 7 drops but only once a day. I am nearly symptom free. Better when I don't eat sugar, of course, and NEVER, NEVER pick. Dec 14, 2017 20:03:40 GMT -5
this is horrible: there is nowhere for us all to band together and post and there are no REAL answers to this anywhere. most sites are shill sites tired of it Dec 23, 2017 13:19:35 GMT -5
rykerjem: please tell me this protocol I am totally taken over entire nervous system no sleep and feel like I am on speed Dec 26, 2017 14:27:50 GMT -5
rykerjem: please tell me this protocol? Dec 26, 2017 14:28:08 GMT -5
maltesegirl: hi Jan 4, 2018 18:45:45 GMT -5
maltesegirl: Come Join Lyme Survivors on facebook Jan 4, 2018 18:46:27 GMT -5
IndieMitt: Am considering the fenben, have you maltesegirl? Facebook Morgellon Support Science Jan 10, 2018 13:05:46 GMT -5
DyingToLive: Try the Fenben. Jan 10, 2018 21:19:57 GMT -5
DyingToLive: Magnesium + Fenben seems most beneficial along with all the regular detox baths, regular diet, etc. Jan 10, 2018 21:20:22 GMT -5
DyingToLive: Facebook Morgellon Support Science is seeming the best community I have found - try it out guys. I wish you all the best in this fight. Jan 10, 2018 21:21:07 GMT -5
jon: Under UV the blue fibers florescence that means they are synthetic and petroleum base Jan 28, 2018 13:28:34 GMT -5
Carla123: Hey Steve,Hope your ok xx Feb 10, 2018 17:55:24 GMT -5
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