Iodine Kills fungus and bacteria


Kitty2014: protruding out of a pore! I know it's detrimental to extract/tug these things, through my research, so I covered it with 100% sea salt. I immediately felt something happening in my left back/shoulder, so in a rush to stop whatever, I bloody knocked my Jul 25, 2014 23:45:23 GMT -5
Kitty2014: drink over (Detox Tea, before you ask!) and hence, had to clean up! Now, ask yourself this - Do I appear to be deluded or suffering from Alzheimer's? Do I seem unreasonable? Well, Mr. Judgmental, I'll leave it on that note and pray for your soul!!! Jul 25, 2014 23:49:14 GMT -5
WhatsamattaU : I will save you all the theatrics, we have a lot of members, and a mass of doctors has seen this mass of members, but these nice young fine doctors with good eyes can not see bugs or parasites of any kind, SORRY, that is a fact. Jul 26, 2014 0:06:26 GMT -5
WhatsamattaU : You are gonna go wild trying to prove you got fleas and really darling its uncalled for. I have posted about the nervous system involvement before many times, if you take your finger and rub it over one of these itching spots Jul 26, 2014 0:08:57 GMT -5
WhatsamattaU : MANY times you will feel it in the back, on the spine, near the liver or the shoulder, that is this disease it attacks the nerves, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, Autism, Alzheimer's, THERE ARE NO BUGS, saying so will just get you locked in a cage Jul 26, 2014 0:13:06 GMT -5
WhatsamattaU : I my dear have had this disease for 42 years I know its attributes very well, people that IMAGINE they have a special, all their own disease, are certainly in left field. Jul 26, 2014 0:16:10 GMT -5
WhatsamattaU : What exactly have you seen with your own eyes that gives credence to bugs, if you say you can see them take picture, lets see them Jul 26, 2014 0:18:07 GMT -5
FrustratedGuest: The only people that think this is delusional, are those that do not have it. I woke one day 3 years ago with 23 'bites' on my legs. After being treated for scabies & lice, checked for bedbugs etc...with 12,000 people complaining~Somebody HELP US! Jul 26, 2014 21:52:31 GMT -5
hownow browncow : How do you know they were bites, because they look like bites, the bug thing is delusions, or doctors would see them, are you telling me doctors are blind as well as stupid, if they are blind how did they read there exams? Jul 27, 2014 0:15:44 GMT -5
hownow browncow : The more interesting question would be, how do doctors pass those exams. If you would imagine I do not have this disease what would you base your intelligence on, five bug bite looking spots, 6, 19. Jul 27, 2014 0:17:47 GMT -5
hownow browncow : Have you ever heard of Morgellons, that rash you had, imagine its a disease rash, part of the hidden ugly associated with being INFECTED with a DISEASE. Have you ever heard of a dermatologist, I will not say they are worth anything, but they treat Jul 27, 2014 0:20:08 GMT -5
hownow browncow : SKIN ISSUES, not bug issues, still parasitic invasion is quite common, DEMODEX are VERY common, but they just are not this disease, you do not get a gold star. If the kind of itching I had was caused by a parasite I would have no body left Jul 27, 2014 0:25:59 GMT -5
hownow browncow : Don't be frustrated, get some fertile chicken eggs, grind a hole in them and put a drop of blood in the embryo, I guaranty results, I think you will find that this monster can live in any warm blooded animal. Its simple, incubator, fertile chicken eggs. Jul 27, 2014 0:30:28 GMT -5
hownow browncow : I know too busy shooing the bugs away. I had a Jehovah Witness come to the door today she had a few little tiny flys after her, she kept swatting at them, I asked her please do me a favor, stop bothering my flys they were trying to get something to eat, Jul 27, 2014 0:34:58 GMT -5
hownow browncow : I know your in pain and disgusted, the bug idea is getting us NO WHERE except to the bug house, the funny farm, the loony bin, the rubber room, the bug factory, nut house, mad house. Credibility is nil when you say bug Jul 27, 2014 0:46:29 GMT -5
hownow browncow : Hope you will fell better soon. Jul 27, 2014 0:47:08 GMT -5
hownow browncow : feal Jul 27, 2014 0:47:16 GMT -5
hownow browncow: feel Jul 27, 2014 11:41:05 GMT -5
hownow browncow: LOL Jul 27, 2014 11:41:11 GMT -5
hownow browncow: mental confusion, Jul 27, 2014 11:43:18 GMT -5
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