Toxoplama gondii + plant hormone + Calcium


ddenialofservice: yes but its not likely to be an infection Mar 1, 2015 19:24:18 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: well its likely to cause some coinfection at some point Mar 1, 2015 19:26:10 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: but doctors that have made the diagnose of folliculitues on my scalp are just partly correct Mar 1, 2015 19:30:37 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: because there is not happening anything on my scalp untill there is activity in my lesion on my leg. Only then there are swellings that are getting smaller wich in there turn seem to have been holding parts of you hair hidden in them Mar 1, 2015 19:36:21 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: its more a case of overgrown hair then ingrown hair Mar 1, 2015 19:37:26 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: but if there would not be any movement in my lesion it will also not look like there is any infection or something like that going on Mar 1, 2015 19:40:04 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: The only thing that i feel is that im debating if certain bumps and shapes feel like they shouldnt be there but for the rest everything seems to look like it should Mar 1, 2015 19:44:57 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: i went to the docter also friday.. went there for my ears. had some young girl doctor as substitude so didnt want to make a too big deal about it to her but i had her have a look at my lesion. its funny that her answer did not exclude my own beliefs at all Mar 1, 2015 19:54:39 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: She said that looks like a badly healed scar that might not ever heal properly. I said someting like oh that sux. i felt like the answer was a bit too convenient and obvious but didnt feel like starting a debate. But then she continued her story and said Mar 1, 2015 20:01:19 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: that if i would ever have the feeling that its possibly growing larger, even when u cant say for sure but somehow had the feeling it was growing for a moment, then it would be wise to get it checked out properly by your doctor or specialist Mar 1, 2015 20:09:04 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: the previous doctor had seen it while it actually had been infected with some bacteria that later proved to only be part of the problem. he also referred to the lesion as hyperpigmentated Mar 1, 2015 20:14:08 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: so apparently cancer is still amongst the possibilities while no doctor was bothered to even have a look 2 years ago as i clearly had anxiety problems that triggered such concerns rather then feeling ill and concered till the point of anxiety Mar 1, 2015 20:26:50 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: Seriously though, i feel no need to prove my right and wouldnt care if turns out ive been mentally insane. but i fear that i might be right and on top of that i even have a bigger fear that my condition is not much different then that of you or any other m Mar 1, 2015 20:48:13 GMT -5
ddenialofservice: ironicly enough its not even trying to hide but instead so much in sight we fail to ever see it. and i would have never guessed or believed how much is ls already involved and how the hell ive never ever been aware of anything when its right in my face alw Mar 1, 2015 21:10:15 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: After 43 year on my toes with the symptoms of this disease I can tell you many things but you will use your supposed diagnosis and doctor blabber to relate, I got this in 1972 it instantly changed my health to a life of symptoms. Mar 1, 2015 22:49:04 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: The only thing I can not tell you about this disease, what the vector is for the encyclopedia of symptoms we suffer from. It was nurtured in a 3rd world military sex haven, and spread to the rest of the world by soldiers that had been infected. Mar 1, 2015 22:51:22 GMT -5 *
cyn Santana: Are u still a lesbian Mar 1, 2015 23:48:51 GMT -5
Elani Rose Rodriguez: Cyn are u still a Mar 1, 2015 23:49:56 GMT -5
Elani Rose Rodriguez: Cyn Santana are you still a lesbian Mar 1, 2015 23:50:48 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: It seems the disease strikes another blow, destroying another mind. You see no matter what those with mental issues have been told they stick to their guns, some IMAGINE Baraka Obam a woman, a government agent, that he shaves his legs. Mar 2, 2015 0:04:46 GMT -5 *
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