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Alexia: It's very insulting to insinuate that I'm "just another morgellons nut" when you, yourself, have this disease as well. As I said, I'm glad you've never experienced this strange stuff, but I find you discredit sufferers more than anything else. Mar 27, 2015 11:39:57 GMT -5
Alexia: You mock people who are truly suffering and who have truly SEEN and experienced strange things. Thankfully, I'm no where near as bad as some people are, but I would NEVER mock them just because something sounded odd to me. Mar 27, 2015 11:42:07 GMT -5
Alexia: Maybe if so many people didn't discredit the strange things that some people experience, we could get to the bottom of this. Well, if you actually did some research you could see that some of these strange things are explained. But you'd never do that. Mar 27, 2015 11:46:36 GMT -5
Alexia: I could post a link here that explains a lot of the strange stuff going on, but then I'd be accused of trying to "push my agenda" on people. While I don't know the exact cause, a lot of the aspects aren't as crazy as they sound when explained. Mar 27, 2015 11:50:27 GMT -5
Alexia: This site is now just what YOU think. But you go ahead and keep on thinking that you're doing some kind of grand service to morgellons sufferers. All I've seen is mocking, being rude, and being obsessed with STDs. Take care everyone and try to stay healthy Mar 27, 2015 11:55:09 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: geez.. it seems due to the size of this shout box that I missed out on all the fun of BO's mocking of someone and discussion of his wife's itchy crotch... (rofl) hmm.. maybe it's a GOOD thing that the shout box is so small.. Mar 27, 2015 15:37:41 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: Welcome to todays (One Flew Over The Coo Coos Nest) It seems like two Coo Coo, more than one KOOK, anyway let the bats and ghosts out of the belfry and lets hunker down for some GREAT BIG HELPING OF NON RIDICULUS brain storming with Norman Mar 27, 2015 16:28:10 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: I am known as Jim Dandy to many a lass and have been often (ONTHE OTHER SIDE and on the bottom but never on the wild side, nope too old fashioned for that, A REAL MAN, no Twinkie ballerina round here, Mar 27, 2015 16:31:45 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: Did ya ever notice, STRANGE PEOPLE always notice the strangest things, they may be oblivious to us other normal like people but them strange ones can feel a thing 40 miles away and know what that thing is doing, no sheet, its exactly correct, they know B- Mar 27, 2015 16:35:10 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: You know, one of you girls that is the same girl also, Mary and Alexia, can you both come out of that one head together, just wondering, you both need to be clad in something, a garb of some sort, nakid ghosts even scare me Mar 27, 2015 16:38:39 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: Well, Jim Dandy signing off, can't let no moss grow under my Morgellons, who is this fella got a wife with a itchy groin, if I know who she is I would stay away from that groin, same as if I find out where I am gonna die I will stay away from there too. Mar 27, 2015 16:42:51 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: I really hope them two girls locked in one ain't some kinda tranny or somtin like this, you ain't that Genner fella are ya. Hope not, ya know he got in a accident, no cell phone use, so I imagine he was a lookin down at his new cooter Mar 27, 2015 16:46:19 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: Hi Jim.. you sound like you have a great sense of humor.. but your perception is a bit off... as Alexa and I are not the same individual.. and I don't think I'm schitzo.. but I'm not certain.. my other personality might be.. but I'm not Alexa 8-) Mar 27, 2015 19:13:10 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: would a schitzo even know that they were schitzo? hmm sigh.. 1 more wonder 2 add 2 my ever growing list of wonders 2 solve before I leave here.so much 2 learn & not enough time, well maybe there is, longevity runs in family if indeed they are my family :- Mar 27, 2015 19:22:09 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: Well little filly, I guess your a filly you didn't say anything about the tranny thing, you go and look in the mirror now, smile big and see if that smile looks scary, if it is hard to smile or hurts your crazy, long and short of it. Mar 27, 2015 22:48:32 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: nope not a tranny, nor a scary smiler.. but scary is in the eye of the beholder so I'm not sure how that determines sanity.. also at this point of my life, I feel more like an old grey mare than a filly.. I just ain't what I used to be.. giggles.. Mar 28, 2015 7:04:43 GMT -5
Alexia: I'd tell you to go f*ck yourself, but I wouldn't want you to catch another STD ;) Anyway, keep researching everyone and find out what works best for you. And Mary, hang in there :) Mar 28, 2015 9:09:33 GMT -5
Fibroid Mary: Thanks Alexia.. and my apologies for misspelling your name in my previous post.. Have a great weekend everyone!! Mar 28, 2015 11:27:26 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: How rough you are Alexia like you have never cradled it up inside you on that lonely night from the stranger guy in the bar, who knows it may have been me. Remember me, who's your daddy? That would totally explain how you got the STD, LOL. Mar 28, 2015 12:26:56 GMT -5
Jim Dandy: Jim Dandy to the recue, Jim Dandy to the rescue, Jim Dandy to the recue, go Jim Dandy, go Jim Dandy. First thing I am going to teach our little virgin, Alexia, Mary, is how to express herself without cursing Mar 28, 2015 12:38:56 GMT -5
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