Seeing Silver Lights/Flashes


Baraka Obam: He said, this was a new aspect of his profession, and you dismiss his 12 years of experience with scalps, you dismiss the facts of how this disease was spread to the masses, you dismiss that the itching disease was expressed in insane asylums. Jun 30, 2015 11:01:41 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: With your minds clouded, our thinking compromised, your scalp issues and your symptoms list growing, your issues leaving and coming back getting worse, the list of attributes listed as if I sat and watched you. Jun 30, 2015 11:03:33 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: With all this you cry foul. Seems your just not able to grasp reality to me, then I could be wrong, maybe the disease has consumed me, but right up until this point, 43 years it has not consumed the facts Jun 30, 2015 11:05:33 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: If tomorrow I die, I am afraid all of the information I have relayed to you will be lost, lost because you can not grasp the reality of this disease, you say the same things, your just stuck on one little item that keeps your attention, really sad. Jun 30, 2015 11:07:22 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: I waited for you people, I knew I was not alone, now you fight the history I have documented as time went on and you became sick also, what a shame, truly I have to think you work for the drug corporations as nobody could be so innane. Jun 30, 2015 11:10:00 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: Why do I bother, because some day maybe someone will hear what I have said, not to long ago I heard a scientist studding this disease say my exact words, did he read what I post, are we of like mind, or is it both, either way, it elated me. Jun 30, 2015 11:17:46 GMT -5 *
Baraka Obam: If this malady can be seen for ALL the symptoms it allows to propagate, large and small, maybe children will not have to be born with adult disease at a ever increasing rate, maybe mental aspects of Autism, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar will diminish to nothing Jun 30, 2015 11:25:39 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: I do care about all of your health, still when your talk only relates to the seemingly insane sounding aspects, all you do is further the suffering, until this aspect of the disease stops, your disease will go unaddressed because your seen as insane Jun 30, 2015 11:30:01 GMT -5
Baraka Obam: you can not understand, repete after me, I have bugs crawling all under my skin, 20 foot long hair comes out of my mouth and stings me, fibers built a birds nest on my face, say it over and over, make sure you cry and get mad when you say it. Jun 30, 2015 11:36:21 GMT -5 *
Baraka Obam: NEVER NEVER STOP EVER, your right everyone else is wrong and no matter what prove it to them, say it, say it again, say it, oh my oh no, oh my, oh no, there coming, there coming, oh my, oh no oh no, oh no, Jun 30, 2015 11:41:58 GMT -5
Satuski: @sub0...Damn right it is....whatever i have is no doubt contagious....since i been around so many people that DID NOT HAVE THIS....and now they do...after COMING TO MY HOME or me being around for extended doubt about it... Jun 30, 2015 22:12:23 GMT -5
Satuski: @sub 0...not to mention the numerous times people have said that i was making them itch or giving them rashes...MY BEST FRIEND of almost 20 years told me this. I would see rashes appear on his face as we would go out drinking for the nite. Jun 30, 2015 22:13:40 GMT -5
Satuski: His face would be pretty much clear....10 hours later after being around me...he has a rash on his face....this has happened numerous times...and he also said i am giving him rashes....kinda hard to dispute it .... Jun 30, 2015 22:14:37 GMT -5
Satuski: i never said this was bugs either....only a suggestion....i have not seen any im not saying it going to get a good microscope and start "researching" myself....will report things that i find.... Jun 30, 2015 22:16:25 GMT -5
Satuski: BARAKA...i assure....i do not work for any corporations and am not a troll....i have lost good jobs and many relationships with women due to this....and friendships too....basically a hermit now.....hate it Jun 30, 2015 22:17:17 GMT -5
Satuski: it seems like when i take an red bumps and rash affected areas clear up and look alot nicer...just a thought Jun 30, 2015 22:18:43 GMT -5
Satuski: i will show you photos of my body if you want to see my affected areas and compare them with yours and whatever see if i have the same things as you? Jun 30, 2015 22:22:51 GMT -5
Satuski: would you like to see photos of my bumps and rashes....bullouts eruptions and what not? Jun 30, 2015 22:24:19 GMT -5
Satsuki: I will get on cam so you can see it live too...i would rather do you can chat at the same time....ill be glad to compare with anyone here....jus lemme know...anyone Jun 30, 2015 22:27:52 GMT -5
Satsuki: have to work at 6am....goin bed....good nite baraka...and gnite everyone on again soon....peace Jun 30, 2015 22:29:02 GMT -5
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